Brokerage Services

InvestorWords defines broker as “An individual or firm which acts as an intermediary between a buyer and seller, usually charging a commission.”

At Lotema we understand that in the business of international trade our clients expect a great deal more from their broker than simply a conduit to finalise price.

We provide a ‘full service brokerage’ for buyers and sellers that offers a 100% commitment to your business from contract negotiation to shipment and payment of goods.
In addition to providing access to a trusted, well established network of respected suppliers and buyers we offer:

  • superior market information relating to commodity quality, price and availability
  • insight into regional commodity trade flows for specific commodities   
  • assistance with contract negotiations (terms and pricing) and contract execution

Our clients are producers, millers, traders, processors, financial institutions and government entities.
Negotiating a price can often be the easiest component of a business transaction, we are committed to working with buyers and sellers towards the successful completion of their business.

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Consultancy Services

In today’s extremely competitive environment, whether you are a buyer or seller of commodities, it is imperative to deal with a company that can work with you and share their expertise to make your buying and selling decisions easier.

While price is extremely important in any transaction it is only one of the many factors that a dynamic organisation needs to consider when making their daily trading decisions.

We provide consultancy services for organisations seeking to develop and expand their commodity trading and marketing activities.

Our services can be customised to meet your requirements and can range from one day seminars to a comprehensive five day workshop encompassing a complete analysis of a market and the development of a trading and marketing strategy.

Trading and Marketing services we provide:

  • Exclusive brokerage services for bulk and container shipments
  • Understanding and implementation of Risk management and pricing strategies
  • Development of Trading and Marketing Strategies incorporating origination, negotiation and execution
  • Development of Customer Relationship Management Strategies (CRM)
  • Key client introductions
  • Understanding contractual terms and conditions and execution performance
  • Assistance with contract negotiations, contract execution and dispute resolution
  • Market profiling and Setting targets
  • Provide market intelligence and Crop Production updates